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About Us

Quran for Me is a safe place for all the busy females to learn the translation and brief explanation of Quran in a non-judgmental environment. Our goals are

  • To help you connect with your Creator.
  • To help you understand the Word of Allah directly without any translation.
  • To equip you with basic knowledge of Quran.
  • To create a ripple effect and spread the knowledge in your capacity.

Class Timings

Time to Next Class


Starting From:
31st Aug, 2023

Only 2 hours a week every Thursday

Language & Timing

English – : 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM (Saudia Time)
Urdu – 08:30 AM to 10:30 AM (Saudia Time)

What to Expect

Brief explanation and not Tafseer Practical Learning
Overall Development
(Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual)

Student Categories

Beginner Level

*For students that have limited to no Knowledge of Quran. Registration for Live Zoom session is mandatory.

Intermediate Level

*For Students that have basic understanding of the Quran. Need to register to gain access to recorded class sessions.


*For individuals who are looking to understand the Quran at their pace and without any formal examination and certification.


Any female over 15 years of age.

3 years In sha Allah.

This course is being offered free of cost.

This course is not affiliated with any institute or organization. It is being conducted in personal capacity of our team.

There shall be one class conducted every Thursday. Duration of class will be two hours.
English group: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM 
Urdu group: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Pakistani timing (GMT +5)

There will be one exam after completion of each juzz. Exams will be online and in form of MCQs. Students will need 80% marks to pass an exam.

You may contact us through any of the following:
Phone: +923231555888

Recorded Sessions

Beginner Level

  • 90% attendance mandatory
  • Translation & brief explanation
  • Arabic memorization
  • Monitored support system with Ameerah
  • Online exam after completion of each juzz
  • Certification

Intermediate Level

  • No attendance
  • Translation & brief explanation
  • Arabic memorization
  • Self supported learning without an Ameerah
  • Online exam after completion of each juzz
  • Certification


  • Translation & brief explanation
  • Course content & videos available on social media
  • No exams
  • No certification

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